BushCAM™ is an innovation combining QR codes, ruggedized Webcam and Webserver, powered by PV solar charged batteries. It can provide interaction with users via Wi-Fi, USB or internet if available.

It has special software for:

·       Movement detection

·       Distance measurement

·       webserver via Wi-Fi and Internet if available

·       Face recognition,

·       Hi-resolution video camera with Tilt/Pan and Zoom control.

·       storage and cataloguing of captured photos, movies and sounds,

·       data capture such as counting, temperature, humidity,

·       Optional peripherals such as full weather station or fire alarm could be attached.

BushCAM closeup

There are potentially many uses for BushCAM™ such as:

1.     Remote Fauna photo & video capture for tourism and scientific research

2.     Security surveillance

3.     Tourist information booth

4.     Traffic monitoring

5.     School crossing monitor

6.     Train crossing monitor

7.     Weather station

8.     Fire watch and alarm

9.     Data capture e.g. counter, pollution monitor

10.                       Whale watcher

11.                       Tsunami watcher

12.                       Snow watch

13.                       Surf-Wave watch